Understanding Proper Foot Health for Happier Feet

Proper foot care is not only important to relieve pain and stress, it’s essential for overall body health. Read what our podiatrists have to say and feel free to comment with your own opinions and concerns by clicking on the blogs here. By combining your experiences with our expertise, we can work together to help stop foot distress.

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  • Home Care Tips to Resolve Heel Pain Home care for heel pain might be able to provide the relief you need, but be sure to see Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center if you need help.
  • Keep Heel Pain from Stopping Your Winter You don’t want painful heels keeping you from fun winter activities. Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center explains plantar fasciitis and what to do for relief.
  • My Heel Hurts! Heel Pain is common and usually caused by plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of the foot.