Custom Orthotics Can Help Keep You Moving

"I’m a restaurant owner and I work about 13-14 hours a day, and I was having some problems with my feet. So, what I did was I called a friend of mine, Matt Paden, who was recommended to me, and I went down and consulted with him. He said I could probably use some orthotics, so he made me some orthotics. After having the orthotics and telling me how to use them and telling me what to do about my feet, my feet feel 100% better. I work every day of the week and we do about 13-14 hours a day in the restaurant and after work I go shopping and come back and do some stuff around the restaurant and the orthotics work great for me. I’d highly recommend them to anybody who has problems with their feet, or if their knees are hurting a little bit - it helps on the knees as well as the feet. He’s a great guy to work with. He comes in our restaurant and has breakfast and lunch all of the time. We work back and forth together and he takes care of my feet totally and does a great job. I would highly recommend him."Nick