Custom Foot Orthotics are Transformative!

"Nick and I work side by side together, day in and day out, and I can tell you there are days where he is just dragging because his feet are hurting him so bad. We made an appointment to go see Matt, and Matt suggested doing the orthotics. I have to tell you, the day that he got those, I cannot believe the transformation in Nick. We went to the grocery store and I could barely keep up with him. We’ve got this little cafe in Lakewood and we’re putzing around the cafe. It’s really very small but we do a lot of running around and that day just transformed Nick into a totally different person. He was light on his feet. He just said, ‘You know what, Kat, my feet feel absolutely fantastic.’ The orthotics are what made the difference in Nick’s life and it made my life a lot easier as well.

Another thing with Nick and I is we’re always going to the grocery store together to help each other out and the head lady at the King Super’s that we shop at, she’s got some foot issues and she was telling Nick, ‘You know, you’d better get a second opinion about the problems you have on your feet because I’ve got this great foot doctor that you have to go see.’ Nick said, ‘Well you know, I don’t know, my foot doctor is pretty good too.’ They both found out that Matt Paden is the same doctor that they go to. We kind of found out that was a little ironic that they both go to the same doctor and he’s valued as a very, very highly recommended doctor. Also, my dad, he was also looking for a podiatrist and he consulted with his physician and said if Dr. Paden was going to be a good match for him and he said, ‘You’re going to the best podiatrist in the state of Colorado.’ All in all, through lots of resources that we’ve come across, we would highly recommend Matt Paden and his expertise and professionalism."