Our Granby, CO Office

"Hi, my name is Dr. Matthew Paden and I’m the president of Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center. When I finished podiatry school, I had a major dream of coming home. I’m a Colorado native - grew up in Littleton, and was away from Colorado for quite some time during my schooling. I always wanted to come home, but even more, come back to the Denver area. I always dreamed of having a mountain practice. Luckily, a couple years ago, we had an opportunity to set up a clinic at Middle Park Medical Center in Granby, Colorado. This was a fulfillment of my dream so that I could practice in the mountains that I love so much.

I love the people up there, it’s a unique breed of folks. We get ranchers, we get folks that work at the ski areas, we have a lot of people that are retired and very active. There’s nothing more fun for me than to see my patient walking in still with his spurs on his boots, and that is kind of an excitement I get, practicing up in Granby. Granby is about 70 miles away from Denver, it’s an hour and twenty minutes from Denver and it is a small Colorado mountain town, nestled between ski areas and Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a fulfillment of one of my dreams, and we are very happy to have the luxury and opportunity to serve the folks in this beautiful community."