Easy Home Tips for Relieving Neuroma Pain

Tan High HeelWhen you attend the Missoula Children’s Theatre musical production of The Wizard of Oz on Saturday, January 24, at Lakewood Cultural Center, Dorothy’s ruby slippers will play a large role in the story. Shoes play a large role in most women’s lives, and that can be good or bad. Shoes protect your feet, support your movement, and keep your feet warm. If they are like Dorothy’s, they can also throw you off balance and pinch your toes—causing a neuroma.

Morton’s neuroma is a thickening of a nerve between two of your smaller toes that can cause tingling, burning pain under the ball of your foot. A pinched nerve from too-tight shoes or high heels will send off pain signals. The fibrous growth that forms around the nerve tissue may also feel uncomfortable, thick, and numb—like you are walking on a bunched-up sock. Here are some easy remedies you can try at home to relieve the pressure and pain and avoid more invasive treatment:

  • Rest. Just taking a break from certain activities like jogging, running, ballet dancing, or anything that puts extra pressure on the nerve, can reduce your pain and let the nerve heal. It is a good idea to elevate your feet when you sit or lie down, as well.

  • Ice. Use a cloth-covered ice pack or icy soak on the burning tissues for 10 – 15 minutes. This will help reduce swelling and numb the pain.

  • Change shoes. Don’t wear those stilettos or pointy flats for a while. Fit yourself with shoes that let your toes spread out and relieve stress on the nerve.

  • Pad. We can show you a technique for padding the area to lower compression on the nerve while you are standing or walking.

  • Pain relievers. Not everyone tolerates all types of drugs, so be sure to consult with us which type would be best for you. We often prescribe anti-inflammatory medications for neuroma pain.

Whatever road you are heading down, make the journey more comfortable by using these tips to relieve your pain and get you home again—safe and sound. If you still have pain after conservative treatment, contact Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center in Lakewood, CO, at (303) 423-2520 for more help.

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