Home Care For Nerve Pain Can Make A Difference

Is it time to do something about your nerve pain? Neuropathy could keep you home while everyone else enjoys the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival at the Lakewood Cultural Center on July 24 and 25, watching the performers do amazing moves and feats of balance while suspended from ropes. On the other hand, you could decide enough is enough and get help from Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center. We can offer medication and or other treatments, but you can treat nerve pain naturally as well. Home care for nerve pain includes several practices and self-care techniques.

Start by getting moderate, regular exercise. Besides all the other health benefits, this can also help lessen the discomfort of your nerve damage. Walking is good; biking or swimming could work well, too.

Have you tried meditation? The calming effects of relaxation, focusing on your breathing, and calming yourself with mental images that soothe you can do wonders for your state of mind and your pain.

Yoga is another way to deal with pain. Learning control over your muscles and breathing, and stretching out muscles during the poses can relieve tension that may be contributing to pressure on your nerves.

Try exercise to help combat numb feet
A good therapeutic massage can relax tissues and stimulate your nerves, but simple self-massage may also help desensitize the painful areas. Cold and warm water soaks may help do this as well.

It goes without saying that limiting alcohol and quitting smoking will have positive benefits. Both of these drugs have a detrimental effect on your nerves and make your neuropathy worse.

Finally, be proactive about protecting yourself against injury in your home. Eliminate throw rugs, extension cords, and other hazards that could trip you. Put up handrails, use nightlights so you can see what is around you, and check your feet each day for any cuts or sores.

Call Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center’s Golden or Wheat Ridge offices at (303) 423-2520 and set up a consultation to discuss your neuropathy. We’ll help determine the underlying cause of your nerve pain so it can be treated, and advise you on more remedies to try at home, too. Together, we can work as a team to relieve your nerve pain.

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