Tackling Diabetes Means Caring For Your Feet


With the huge increase in the number of Americans now living with diabetes, it is more important than ever to know how to best handle the disease. The foot specialists at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center want you to know to prevent, monitor, and treat this disease so, if you are its next victim, you can focus on how to keep enjoying an active life. Because many related problems can develop in your feet, diabetic foot care is a crucial component of your health.

The Bad News: What Diabetes Does to Your Feet

When your glucose levels are all over the map or stay too high for too long, they begin to affect all your body tissues. Your nerve fibers may be damaged and either not sense what they need to or send false messages to your brain (pain when there is no cause, for example). Your blood vessel walls can become weak or caked with plaque, slowing down your circulation. Bones become weak and fragile.

As a result of nerve damage (neuropathy), you could break a bone in your foot and not realize it. If you keep walking on it without treatment, more bones could break from the extra stress on them. A complete collapse of the arch is possible. It is called Charcot foot, and it happens to many people with diabetes.

Because of poor circulation, injuries to your skin and other tissues can take so long to heal that a secondary infection sets in. In a worst case scenario, that could lead to tissue death and the need for amputation.

The Good News: What You Can Do to Stave Off Trouble

Practicing good diabetic foot care can head off the worst of these problems. Since problems begin with high blood sugar levels and spikes, you must begin there, too. Our office can supply you with good information about controlling your glucose levels with the right diet, regular exercise, and medication, and our excellent staff can coach you on following through on your resolves.

Your next important job is to monitor your feet daily for problems. After your shower or bath, take a few minutes to look at your feet and feel all over them for any breaks in the skin, warmth, redness, swelling, odd bumps or shapes, etc. If you find anything, contact our office and we will check if it is something you need to be concerned about. With the latest equipment and technology, and our skilled surgical expertise (if needed), we can quickly diagnose and treat any problems that crop up.

Common sense plays a large role in caring for your feet. For instance, it makes sense to always wear protection on your feet, to avoid sharp objects, to keep them clean and dry to prevent infections, and to moisturize dry skin to prevent calluses and cracks. It is also common sense to stick to roomy, supportive shoes that won’t aggravate your problems.

The Other Good News: We Provide Great Foot Care in the Denver Area
The most sensible thing of all is to call us as soon as you notice a problem in your feet. We can offer wound care, treat broken bones, surgically repair and reconstruct your foot or ankle, and more. We will team up with you for the best diabetic foot care possible.

You can call our offices in Wheat Ridge, Golden, Evergreen or Granby, CO, at (303) 423-2520. You may also contact us through our website for information or to set up an appointment. Please keep in touch with us using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to learn more about us and let us know how we are doing. You can also request our free book—Step Wise: A User’s Guide to Foot and Ankle Health—on our home page.

Photo Credit: How Soon Ngu via unsplash.com

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