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Sports offer great exercise and a lot of fun, but they can also put a lot of stress on your feet and ankles and lead to injuries. Matthew Paden, DPM, FACFAS, Dustin Kruse, DPM, MA, FACFAS, and Brett Sachs, DPM, FACFAS -- the podiatrists at Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center in Evergreen and Wheat Ridge, Colorado -- are sportsmen and know how devastating a sports injury can be. That’s why they offer expert podiatry treatments and foot and ankle surgery to get you back on your feet and out on the field.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What are some common sports injuries?

Foot and ankle injuries are among the most common sports-related injuries for many reasons. Your feet and ankles support and carry your whole body, and running and jumping increases the pressure and stress on them significantly. This can lead to both overuse and acute injuries.

Some of the most common sports injuries include:

Ligament problems

Ligaments are the tissues that hold your bones together, and the physical stress of athletics can damage them either over time, like with plantar fasciitis, or through a sudden twisting or jarring movement that leads to a sprain by overextending or tearing a ligament.

Muscle and tendon problems

Your muscles and tendons work together to move your body and have a higher risk of injury when they’re tight or weak. For example, Achilles tendonitis often develops from tightness in both the tendon and your calf muscles.

Broken bones

Acute, accident-related fractures and stress fractures are all too common in athletes. Whether your fracture is a small crack or a compound fracture, medical attention is critical to your recovery.

Bone spurs are another bone problem common among athletes. They are small deposits of calcium that cause friction and pain.

How are sports injuries treated?

The podiatrists at Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center offer treatments and surgeries customized to address your specific needs.

They can determine the severity of your injury and offer immobilization devices like braces or boots to keep your muscles, tendons, and bones in the correct position to heal. They can set fractures and surgically repair severely broken bones or soft tissues.

The doctors also provide physical therapy referrals to help you rebuild your strength, flexibility, and range of motion to get you back on your feet and avoid future injuries.

What should I do if I injure myself while playing a sport?

If you injure your foot or ankle, get off the field and ice and elevate your foot or ankle. Call the team at Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center, explain what happened and ask for a same-day appointment. You can also book appointments online.