How To Help Your Foot Fracture Heal Well

Whether the onset of spring has you out gardening, running, shopping, or playing soccer, the increased activity puts you at risk for a foot fracture. A broken bone can be caused by anything from overuse as you get back to spring sports, to a fall while dancing, to a crushing injury at work. So many ways to break one, but all bones—even those cut during surgery—follow the same pattern as they heal.

It begins with bleeding and inflammation where your bone breaks. This provides nutrients for repair and the clotting actually provides the first basic “structure” for your bone tissue to repair itself. This is replaced by fiber tissue and cartilage called “soft callus,” which gradually strengthens until it forms “hard callus.” Your bones continue to heal for weeks, until they regain their compact, hard form and you can start putting weight on them—which also helps in their rebuilding.

What can you do to help this process along?

Our doctors have treated countless broken bones—some quick healing and many needing our surgical expertise—and we know that the part you play is crucial. We can help you get on the right track for faster healing of your foot fracture, so you can enjoy your favorite activities again. Contact our west Denver area offices by calling (303) 423-2520 or scheduling an appointment through our website.

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