Rebounding After An Ankle Sprain

We are just about a week away from the 28th Annual Granby Gut Buster 5K Run. The starting gun will fire at 9 AM on July 30, but registration (if you haven’t already registered) will open at 7:30 AM. The course will take you through Granby and includes the namesake “Gut Buster” hill. Afterward, there will be door prizes, drinks and snacks.

5k runs like the Gut Buster can be a lot of fun, but there is always the potential for an ankle sprain. Of course, this is a common injury that can happen even if you simply misjudge a step or fail to notice an uneven surface while walking. Once the ankle rotates beyond its intended range, you are going to need ankle sprain treatment before you get back to serious activity.

We have good news, though. The majority of ankle sprains are successfully treated with the use of nonsurgical care. Even when a ligament is completely torn, it can heal without needing surgical intervention if the correct steps are followed.

There are basically three distinct phases for treating all ankle sprains:

A sprained ankle might not seem like a major injury, but a return to intense physical activity before the ankle has healed completely can lead to a case of chronic ankle instability. If you develop weak ankles, you will have an increased susceptibility to additional sprains, so make sure you carefully follow the treatment plan our doctors provide for you!

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