Rein In Your Morton’s Neuroma Pain

Are you ready for the 3rd annual Rodeo All Star Weekend April 17 and 18 at the Western National Complex? (The Thompson Square concert, Murdoch Fashion showcase, and Mutton Bustin’ all accompany the Rodeo Championship events!) Or is the pain by your toes so bad you feel like you’ve been stomped on by the roughstock? Maybe it’s time to lasso that foot pain and tie it up for good.

The nerve pain of Morton’s neuroma can make a real tenderfoot out of anyone, even the toughest bulldogger. With this condition, pressure causes one of the nerves between your toes to swell up and thicken, making it feel as if you are walking on something in your boot, or causing tingling or shooting pains in your toes. It often happens between the third and fourth toes, and can make the whole ball of your foot hurt.

There are several remedies you can try on your own, such as changing the type of shoes you wear. The worst are pointed flats or boots that pinch your toes together, or high heels that force your weight onto the ball of your foot. Sometimes orthotics or pads can rebalance your weight or provide cushioning that relieves your pain. We can also recommend pain medications (oral or injected) to help.

However, if the pain is stubborn and keeps you from functioning, it may spur you on to consider surgery. Our foot doctors are expert surgeons and can do a procedure that trims away the pressure from the nerve or removes the nerve “tumor” itself. Recovery time is usually not too long, and you may be out of the chute and ready to ride before you know it.

If neuroma pain is holding you back, give Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center a call at (303) 423-2520 and schedule an appointment at one of our west Denver area offices, or request one here on our website. We will team up with you to chase down your pain and rein it in!

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