Steps To Take When Your Gout Flares

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are over, but the aftereffects of indulging in your favorite green beverage may just now be hitting you—with a gout attack. Beer flows freely on this mischievous holiday, and it is one of the worst triggers for this painful form of arthritis. If an attack hits your big toe, taking steps is the last thing you want to do, but here are a few that might make you feel better:

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem and outlined your treatment, the main thing is to be patient. Yes, it is hard to put your life on hold for a painful big toe (or other joint), but a few days rest in bed following our instructions will usually allow the gout attack to subside. If you are careful, you may not have another one for years—or ever. That would be something to celebrate!

Author Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center

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