When Bunion Surgery Is Your Best Option

Whether you want to try a last hike at Alderfer-Three Sisters Park in Jefferson County before winter snows set in, or you are planning some early shopping for the holidays, bunion pain can be a hindrance. When a day on your feet seems impossible because your big toe and forefoot pain is too severe, it may be time to discuss bunion surgery with our expert staff at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center.

A procedure like this should never be contemplated merely for cosmetic reasons. Sure, that bump at the base of your big toe doesn’t look that great, and may make it hard to wear certain fashionable shoe styles, but that’s not sufficient reason to undertake a procedure that can be difficult and require a long recovery period.

So when is surgery indicated? When your bunion interferes with your daily life and you can’t find shoes that don’t cause your pain, you may want to consider it. If your toe is constantly swollen and you can’t bend or straighten it, it may be time. If your first two toes are starting to overlap, and all other treatment methods have been tried without any relief, you’ll want to give us a call.

The type of surgical procedure depends so much on the extent and severity of your bunions. We really need to examine you, find out what is causing them and how bad they are before we can recommend the best way forward. Remember that there are always risks and side effects from any surgery, including scarring, nerve damage, pain from any hardware used, and a possible lengthy recuperation. However, most people who have bunion surgery are glad they did, happy to have less pain and be able to move freely again. We will discuss every aspect of the procedure with you so you are comfortable with any decision you make.

Call Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center in Wheat Ridge, CO, today at (303) 423-2520 to set up an appointment. We will help you find the right way forward for dealing with your bunions.

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