Do I Need Surgery For My Flat Feet?


If your flat feet never developed an arch because of your genetic makeup, but you aren’t experiencing any problems, there is no need to consider any treatment—much less surgery.

However, sometimes your arch starts out normal and then begins to collapse, causing overpronation issues. There are many reasons for this: an injury, arthritis, a weakened posterior tibial tendon, or a damaged foot structure due to diabetes. This type of flat foot can be very painful and keep you from walking normally.

When your feet hurt, we can determine what is causing the problem. We will typically try conservative treatments like braces or custom orthotics first, but surgery becomes an option if these don’t work. We will help you determine whether you are a good candidate for a procedure, and explain what technique will likely provide the best result for you. The goal is to realign the bones of your foot so that you stand and walk in a more normal and efficient way.

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