Does My Child Need Treatment For Flexible Flat Feet?


Since all kids start out life with flat feet, they obviously don’t need treatment as babies. Even when they begin walking, some children do not form a normal arch. With flexible flatfoot the arch may not be visible while they stand, only with legs dangling or on tiptoe.

If your child is older and still has low arches, have us check his or her foot development. Even then, flat feet in kids is not a problem unless it starts to cause pain. If that happens, we may try conservative treatments like stretches for the heel cord or custom orthotics to support the arch.

In severe cases, where there is a lot of pain, we may advise more extensive physical therapy or casting to elongate the Achilles tendon. When pain persists in adolescence, we may consider surgical correction if the foot structure is becoming rigid. If so, be assured that you have come to the Denver area’s expert foot surgeons.

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