Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails


How does laser treatment for fungal nails work?

Laser treatment for fungal nails is a highly effective option for those who need care for brittle, dull, and discolored toenails. Lasers generate coherent light energy consisting of a specific wavelengths and strength that is absorbed only by the target material—toenail fungus—and produces heat to destroy the unwanted cells. The devices that emit these lasers are calibrated so that other tissues, like your skin, are not affected by the procedure.

When you undergo laser treatment, the individual sessions are typically around half an hour and most people need 2 or 3 sessions for complete efficacy. More severe cases of fungal toenails may require up to 4 or more sessions.

You do not have to live with toenail fungus. If you need expert, state-of-the-art treatment for this condition, Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center is here is for you. Our Colorado-based practice has offices in Wheat Ridge, Golden, Evergreen, and Granby for your convenience. Call us at (303) 423-2520 or schedule an appointment online and get rid of that fungus today!

Does laser treatment for fungal nails hurt?

We have patients who want to know if laser treatment for fungal nails is painful, and we can assure you that this procedure is safe and painless. This method for treating toenail fungus is highly effective, but some people worry about excessive heat potentially creating a painful burning sensation. Certain laser treatments do require the nail to be heated to work, since they were designed for general purposes. The Nomir laser in our office, however, uses a different approach specifically geared towards treating toenail fungus. Instead of simply heating an infected nail, our laser uses photo-inactivation, which targets only the unwanted fungus cells and prevents a painful heat build-up.

It’s only natural to wonder how much pain will be experienced when you undergo a medical procedure. We encourage you to ask questions, so you may know what to expect from your treatment. The staff of Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center are experts when it comes to addressing problems affecting your feet and ankles, including fungal nails. If you need first-class care and treatment, schedule an appointment in for laser treatment in our Wheat Ridge office, or for an evaluation at any of our three other Front Range area offices by calling (303) 423-2520 or using our online form today.

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