Can overpronation cause foot pain?

Having flat feet does not always lead to overpronation, and your feet rolling in too far may not always cause problems. However, there is a pretty good chance both of these conditions will lead to foot pain at some time in your life—especially as you get older and tissues begin to wear down.

This gait problem makes it more likely that you will develop plantar fasciitis—inflammation in the ligament under your foot that connects heel and toes. Achilles tendonitis or tarsal tunnel pain along the inside of your ankle are also common complaints. It contributes to the formation of bunions, can lead to metatarsalgia in your fore foot, and cause pain in your knee and thigh as well. Who knew that a simple movement of your foot could cause so many problems? It’s understandable, though, when you realize that your feet are the foundation of your whole body, and trouble there affects everything above them, too.

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Can shoes reveal pronation problems?

Shoes can give real clues for pronation problems. Look at the soles of your favorite running shoes and check for:

Extra wear along the inner edge of the sole—the classic clue to overpronation, where your foot rolls too much to the inside as your arch flattens out with each step.
More wear on the outer edges, indicating possible high arches and supination (also called underpronation), where your foot rolls out too much.
A wear pattern from the outside of the heel to the middle of the forefoot, meaning you have a neutral arch—one with the right degree of foot movement for the most efficiency and the least risk of injury.
Shoes can be used to compensate for abnormal foot movement as well as identify it. Choose the correct type of shoe last (inner structure) for your feet—straighter for those that roll in, more curved in the instep for those that roll out, and something in between for a neutral pronation pattern.

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