Sever's Disease


What is causing my child's heel pain?

There are various causes for sore heels, but most heel pain in children can be attributed to calcaneal apophysitis, or Sever’s disease. This is a problem with the growth plate of the heel bone, which is caused when a tight Achilles tendon pulls against it. The cartilage layer becomes damaged, causing pain and possibly swelling and inflammation. It usually gets worse the more a child walks on the heel, so rest is necessary for recovery.

Another possible cause is bursitis, an inflammation in the bursa where the Achilles attaches to the heel. Pain under the heel could be from plantar fasciitis. Overuse causes the ligament under the foot to stretch, swell and become inflamed, causing discomfort where it inserts into the heel bone. On occasion, a tendon or ligament near the heel may tear, causing more severe pain. The heel bone could also be fractured—either a fine crack in the surface called a stress fracture, or a larger break.

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