Shin Splints


What’s the best treatment for shin splints?

We know you don’t want to hear this, but the very best treatment for shin splints is rest. Yes, that means no running, basketball games, dancing—whatever you were doing that caused your shin pain.

That doesn’t mean no activity at all. In fact, you want to stay active so you don’t lose your conditioning. However, you should choose low-impact activities that won’t cause further harm to the tender tissues along your shin bone.

Other things you can do to lessen the pain while you heal include using ice pack therapy for the soreness and swelling. For pain along the inside edge of your tibia, you can try stretching your Achilles tendon. If the pain presents more on the outer edge of the bone, stretches to limber up your calves may help. There are strengthening exercises to do as well, such as tracing the alphabet with your toes while you are sitting, or lifting and holding up your toes for several seconds while standing.

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How do I avoid shin splints?

You can reduce your risk of developing shin splints by wearing good, supportive footwear designed for your activity and for your foot arch style. Flat feet and high arches can both contribute to pain in your shins, but proper shoes or custom orthotics can realign your bones so they work more efficiently and head off issues that could lead to this injury. Warming up before running or participating in your favorite sport is very important, and following a good stretching program, especially before and after activity, is also helpful. You should also work on strengthening the muscles and increasing the flexibility in your hips and ankles. If you run, it helps to cross train with other activities like swimming and biking so you aren’t using your legs in the same way all the time.

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