Turf Toe


What is turf toe?

A sprain of your great toe joint’s ligaments is called turf toe, because the injury was increasingly seen after artificial turf became the go-to playing surface for many sports. However, this problem can occur in any situation where your big toe bends up too far and the ligaments that hold the joint are stretched beyond their normal range.

Symptoms include pain under the toe, swelling of the tissues around the joint, and stiffness or an inability to move your toe normally. It will likely hurt immediately and continue to get worse for a day or so, and the healing can take several weeks.

You may think a sprain is a small matter that will take care of itself, but it is best to have us check it out, especially if you heard a pop when it happened. We can x-ray the joint to check for ligament damage or a fracture. Sprains that don’t heal properly can cause a lot of problems in the future, including arthritis. If you have injured your toe, call Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center at (303) 423-2520 and set up an appointment to have it evaluated.

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