How Are Custom Orthotics Different From Store-Bought Inserts?


We all love to find conservative treatments for our foot problems and may check the store to see what is available. There is usually a selection of generic gel pads, plastic shoe inserts, and heel cups for you to choose from. There may even be a machine to stand on that chooses which style of insert you need. The main difference with custom orthotics is that they are prescribed and designed for you by medical professionals.

We perform a detailed examination of your feet and your gait, and then build supports specifically for you. That means they fit your foot contours, adding the lift here and cushioning there that addresses your specific issues, such as overpronation patterns, arch shape, gait, or diabetic ulcers.

If you just need a little extra cushioning for your flats or work shoes, the store versions may be fine. If you are struggling with foot pain, you’ll do much better with custom inserts. Let us find out exactly what’s causing your discomfort and see if foot supports are the answer. Call Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center at (303) 423-2520 and set up an appointment at one of our Denver area offices today.

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