How Can I Tell If I Have High Arches?


There are two common methods of checking at home whether or not you have high arches: look at the wear on your shoes and observe your wet footprint.

If you have raised arches, your shoes will likely show wear at the heel, the outside edge, and the ball of your foot—areas of pressure when you walk or run. It can also indicate supination, or an excessive rolling of the foot to the outside during your stride.

Next, either dip your feet in a pan of water and blot them on a piece of dark construction paper, or get them wet and take a few steps outside on dry pavement. If your foot prints show large spots at the heel and forefoot with little or nothing in between, you likely have high arches.

These tests can give you a preliminary idea of what your arch shape is and what type of shoes to look for, but a visit to Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center in the west Denver area will tell you much more. Besides, if your biomechanics are causing pain, we can do something about it! Call us at (303) 423-2520 for an appointment today.


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