How Can I Treat A Pinched Nerve?


If you sit funny on a hard surface, your foot or leg can “go to sleep.” The numbness and tingling of a pinched nerve can be truly debilitating for a few moments until pressure is relieved and normal function returns. A compressed nerve can send sharp, shooting pains, too.

Sometimes changing positions helps. Numbness and tingling in your fingers could be relieved with better upper back posture. Pressure on nerves from misaligned bones due to tight calf muscles can be alleviated with certain stretches. Sometimes we can prescribe a splint or brace to hold your bones and soft tissues in a better position. Even better is teaching you exercises to strengthen your muscles, so they can keep your structure aligned naturally without outside aids.

Medications may help as well, either oral or injected. We will guide you in choosing the best ones for your situation. Finally, if nothing else helps, our foot surgeons excel at procedures that relieve nerve pain in your feet.

If nerve compression is causing havoc in your feet, set up an appointment at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center by calling (303) 423-2520 or scheduling online. We are here to help our west Denver neighbors!

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