Is It Safe To Pop My Blister?


The bubble of a blister forms a barrier against dirt and infection and cushions the tender tissue underneath. Popping and draining it removes these protections and opens your body to bacteria. It is not really safe to pop a blister, so we recommend that you leave it alone.

The best thing to do is simply keep the area clean and cover it with a loose bandage. New skin will form underneath and absorb the extra fluid. Eventually, the outer layer will dry up and loosen on its own accord before dropping off.

The only reason to consider draining a blister is if it is really large and painful. Even in that case, it is better to let a foot expert like the staff at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center handle it. If you have a disease like diabetes, poor circulation, nerve damage, HIV, cancer or heart issues, you should seek medical help for a blister. If something other than friction—like chicken pox or an allergic reaction—caused it, the problem can spread if it is popped.

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