Should My Child See A Podiatrist?


Children’s feet may need monitoring and special care to ensure that there is symmetry between both limbs and that the feet are progressing properly through the stages of growth. Some problems are seen at birth and need immediate treatment (club feet, for example). Others may develop more subtly, and we have training and expertise in the development of a child’s feet and legs to diagnose and treat common issues.

If you have a family history of flat feet, bunions, or other foot problems, it may be wise to have us take a look. We will examine your child for symmetry and the proper progression through crawling and leaning to walk. If we see any irregularities, we can immediately use treatment to prevent foot problems from developing. This can be simple things like stretches for tight calf muscles that cause tiptoe walking, or shoe advice for overpronation issues. Orthotics can be used in children while they are still growing to prevent their feet from developing in the wrong way.

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