What Should I Look For In A Good Running Shoe?


First of all, you want to be sure your running shoes are designed to support your arch style. If you have had any foot pain when running, you may want to have a gait analysis done by one of the qualified foot doctors at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center in the west Denver area. We can evaluate how your foot moves, address any pronation problems, and steer you toward the best types of shoes for your arch type.

For overpronators (foot rolls too far in) look for a motion-control shoe that keeps your arch from collapsing. A neutral arch may benefit from a normal stability shoe, while an underpronator should look for one where the last is cut away a bit under the instep and which has lots of cushioning.

Beyond that, pay attention to the quality of construction, the fit (room for your toes, snug heels), and how comfortable the shoe feels. You will travel many miles in them, so make sure they do the best for your feet. Call our Golden or Wheat Ridge office at (303) 423-2520 to schedule a gait analysis or address your other foot concerns.

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