When Should I Replace My Running Shoes?


One thing that says it is time to replace running shoes is when your feet, shins, or joints start to feel fatigued or hurt. This is a sign that the midsole, which provides most of the support in your shoes, is starting to break down. This may happen long before the shoe or the tread looks worn. Here are some ways to check the midsole:

  • Try to twist the shoe; a solid midsole won’t twist.
  • Compare a new pair to the old one. Does the cushioning still give or feel dead?
  • Look at your shoes from the back. If the soles are worn or the shoes are leaning, most likely the midsole has deteriorated as well.
  • Take out the liner and check the midsole for creases at the heel of the ball of foot area.

You can also keep track of the miles you put on a pair of running shoes and replace them around the 300 or 400 mark, depending on how much you weigh and how hard you are on them. For more information about running and shoes, contact Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center in Wheat Ridge, Golden, Evergreen, or Granby, CO by calling (303) 423-2520.

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