Why Do I Need Sport-Specific Shoes?


The science of sports medicine has made many advances in the last couple of decades, and one that has spawned a multi-billion shoe industry is the study of the biomechanics of the feet. Video helps us capture the way players feet move in various sports, and manufacturers design athletic shoes based on that knowledge.

There is real value in sport-specific shoes. The high tops of basketball shoes help prevent ankle sprains that can be caused by the constant jumping and landing. The cleats on football or soccer shoes can be changed out based on the playing surface for each game to provide the best traction and footing. Hiking boots are made with good tread to keep you from slipping on hills and cushioning for the rocks, roots, and uneven ground you encounter.

The goal of special shoes for specific sports is to give the proper support for the required foot movements, protect your feet from common injuries, and help you perform the best that you can. Let the foot specialists at Rocky Mountain Foot & Ankle Center help guide your sports shoe choices. Call (303) 423-2520 or contact us online today.

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