Why Is My Ankle Pain Not Improving?


None of us like to face the prospect of ongoing pain, and when your ankle keeps hurting despite your home care, it’s time to get help. You may have been thinking it is sprained, or that you’ve been lacing your shoes too tightly, but if you have pain on the top of your foot near your leg, the problem could be related to tarsal coalition.

This condition usually affects three of your tarsal bones (heel, talus, and navicular). A genetic mutation can cause them to be joined with extra bone or tissue and may lead to stiffness and pain near the ankle. If home remedies like rest, icing and stretching don’t help your discomfort, come in and let us find out what is going on. With a correct diagnosis, we can find the right treatment for you—whether that is orthotics, physical therapy, or possibly surgery if other methods don’t work.

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