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by Dustin L. Kruse, DPM

"Hi this is Dr. Dustin Kruse from Rocky Mountain Foot and Ankle Center, and today we’re going talk about ankle sprains. If you’re any sort of athlete, from a high school athlete to college or professional, or even recreational, you’ve probably dealt with an ankle sprain of some sort. Ankle sprains can happen as simply as stepping out of your car door incorrectly, to running on a trail and stepping in a pothole, to an injury on the football field or soccer pitch. Most ankle sprains can be treated conservatively with immobilization in a boot or a brace, and following R.I.C.E. principles which are rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Typically, most ankle sprains respond within 2-4 weeks of appropriate care and we can get you back to your activities in under a month. Unfortunately, when ankle sprains aren’t treated correctly, it can result in a long term issue called lateral instability. This is the sensation that your ankle is always going to give out and you don’t feel like you can participate in normal activities or even stand on your foot without your ankle rolling inward. When this happens, typically the only option is surgical intervention. When we treat ankle sprains, we typically treat you quite aggressively so we can get you back to your activity in a very timely fashion and avoid long-term problems.

If you’ve had an ankle sprain recently, or feel like your ankle is unstable, please give us a call so we can give you a thorough evaluation and get you back to your activity quicker than expected. Thank you!"

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